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S & G Materials, as required by the 1972 federal Clean Water Act section 401/404 is required to replace approximately 70 acres of jurisdictional wetlands along the Iowa River. This reconstruction is mitigation for impacts incurred through the mining process. When mining is completed, over 450 acres of land will be protected by a conservation easement.  7 basins, both open water and with reconstructed wetland, upland prairie, and woodland will be restored within the North and South Bright Farms, providing flood protection for properties downstream, habitat for wildlife, and improving biodiversity in the Iowa River watershed. 


S & G Materials is known for providing construction materials such as sand and gravel, but what many people are unaware of is the amount of work the company is doing to try and make it's mining process less of an impact on the environment.

Some of the big things S & G is doing in this mitigation process are:

  • Wetland restoration

  • Electric motor dredging

  • Accepting old concrete and recycling it to be used again as road materials

  • Soil restoration with compost from the Iowa City Landfill - working with partners on this to help improve water quality


In attempts to be more environmentally friendly    S & G Materials has an electric-motor dredge. One of the benefits of this electric dredge includes less noise which is not only beneficial in preventing hearing loss, but to the wildlife that inhabits the area. Another benefit is that it saves the company from having to use fuel, which not only saves cost, but creates less waste from fuel spills.

 FACT: S & G's dredge operation has been specially modified in many ways to accommodate it's operator who is disabled. This is a big step in equal employee operation rights and the company was proud in setting an example for no discrimination in the workplace. 

Soil restoration is the process of enhancing compacted soils to improve their porosity and nutrient retention. It includes biological (worms) and mechanical aeration, mechanical loosening (tilling), planting dense vegetation, and applying soil amendments which means adding things such as loam to soil to improve its physical or chemical properties. This in turn helps improve water quality for the area. S & G is currently working with the Iowa City Landfill using their compost to mix with it's top soil.

More information on soil restoration and it's benefits.


Before the Terry Trueblood Recreation Area opened to the public in 2013 it was the site of a quarry from the 1970s to 2005. From 1990 until 2005, when the city of Iowa City bought the land and turned it into a park, it was owned by S & G Materials for mining. Sand Lake has since replaced the mining site and turned it into something beautiful for the community to enjoy.

More information about Terry Trueblood Recreation Area

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