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S & G Materials is an Iowa General Partnership, licensed to mine sand and gravel in the state of Iowa. Besides being well known for mining its materials, it is also doing its part in making the process as environmentally friendly as possible by recycling and mitigating it's mined land in order to provide beautiful city parks, flood protection for properties downstream, habitat for wildlife, and improving biodiversity in the Iowa River watershed. 




The partnership, seeing the need for another sand plant in the Iowa City area, started Center Materials Corp. in 1978. It was located south of Iowa City, IA on leased property where the present Williams Plant is located.

In 1988, the partnership changed its name to S&G Minerals Corp and moved to north of Iowa City where the present Iowa City Water Treatment Plant is located. This plant was known as the Butler Plant. In 1990 the S&G Minerals Corp. changed to to S&G Materials and at this time the partnership bought the Stevens Sand Corp., located on Sand Road. This plant was known as the Showers Plant. S&G Materials mined two plants until 1994 when the City of Iowa City condemned the property known as the Butler Plant, leaving S&G Materials with just the Showers Plant. Iowa City built their water treatment plant at this location and also used part of the land for a park area.

In 1988 S&G Materials leased property on the Izaac Walton Road and started the sand plant known as the Williams Plant. In 2004 S&G Materials closed the Showers Plant on Sand Road and moved the offices to the Izaac Walton Road location. Iowa City has turned the old Showers Plant into a beautiful park and recreation area known as the Terry Trueblood Recreation Area. At present, S&G Materials has the Williams Plant located on Izaac Walton Road.

You can count on us on being professional, caring, and trustworthy. We offer quality, fast, friendly, and personalized service. We have been serving the area since 1988 and we are knowledgeable of our products and customers. 


If you would like to find out more about how S&G Materials can serve your construction material needs, get in touch today in the contacts form.

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